Wet Basements

Another thing most companies agree with is that Open Backed Systems don’t work. They let in air, bugs, radon, and expect the water to not jump the gap if created by a pin whole leak. Having a system that is then concrete back over, is a closed, sealed system and that provides wall protection is the new standard.

Vapor barriers along the walls protect against wall leaks and seepage coming up through the footing and the wall. No longer can leaks hop a system and end up on your floor, or worst case scenario, on the back of your finished basement walls. Vapor Barriers help to prevent the flow of moisture from you foundation into your basement space.

Many companies feel that the basement waterproofing industry as a whole has laid stagnant since the 1980’s; failing to come up with new solutions to an old problem that are better, more effective, and more reliable then their predecessors. Some companies are relying on technology that has not changed since the late 1800s! Pipe and Stone is out! Duel-Channel interior drains are in!

With the new technology that has given us products, like GrateDrain, we’re now able to provide maintainable subterranean drainage systems for the basement with corner connections, access for dehumidifier run off hoses, and continuous flow to amphibious pumps. Large holes for greater volume control, a solid wall to subdue cross contamination of wall-joint to beneath-slab water, and a sump basin that’s designed with the same idea in mind: large holes to deal with rising water, punched holes to discourage bacteria growth and clogging, mesh filters to protect from stone penetration that can ruin pumps, and built in pump stands to keep cost down and keep the pump at it’s most efficient height.

Total solution systems that can be designed to fit crawl spaces, full basements, all descriptions of wall types such as stone concrete foundations, concrete block foundations, poured or pre-fabricated concrete walls. Vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, duel-channel drains and sump pumps are only standards in fixing a solution. In no way does it make someone’s solution a “cookie cutter” one. For what you want, for your dreams and design ideas, systems can protect against the most complicated situations for people to enable themselves to finally finish off.