Make Any Space Interesting With A Round Rug

Major furnishings should touch the round floor rug:

This is the same rule for both rectangular and square rugs. When the homeowner at least tries to get even part of the furniture pieces in the area to touch the rug it will fit perfectly. This applies even more so with a round floor rug. Take care when measuring the space to consider the curving edges that will look strange if none of the major pieces of furniture rest on top. It will definitely look out of place.

Perfect for use under curvy furnishings:

Anyone that has a round coffee or dining table would be doing themselves a disservice to not consider a round rug. There’s an instant compatibility that occurs when the rug and furniture are matched. The only rule here is to be sure the rug is big enough to accommodate chairs if present around the table.

With minimalist décor:

The latest trend in interior décor is that of minimalist furnishings and other additions. When placing a rug like this in a room that’s minimally decorated it has a chance to be the star. Keep the room painted in basic colors, and any wall hangings or vases should be simple as well. Then allow the rug to be a pop of color and style. It’s amazing what this method can do in this case. It will add a soft element that is inviting and awe-inspiring.

Defining an area:

Have a dull corner, entryway, or small space like a bathroom? A round floor rug will help define it. Choose patterns and bright colors and if need be adding a small accent table or large vase to really set the area off. It’s easy to make a unique décor by doing so.