Install Sliding Barn Doors

With the materials needed, here are the most common tools you should have. You don’t need to be too exact with them; anything equal to them can also be usable. Also, the bolts and nuts included in the door, you will need the following items:

  1. Goggles and protection gear, level, tape measure, socket wrench, the sliding barn doors and other needed materials (bolts, spacers and other mounting items), saw, drill, awl, wooden mounting board, router, and paint.
  2. When starting out, you need a couple of men to do the job. You can hold track of the support of the door to get a mounting board but with a slightly bigger size the track to be installed. The drywall anchors, bolts, spacers are the ones that will hold the track and the roller to be in place. You can alternatively paint the mounting board to your desired color to match the door color.
  3. You can now assemble the steel track. With the joint brackets placed according to the specifications of your barn door. You need to cut a track for the width amount needed, this must be double the girth of its door to permit the door to be opened entirely to the size of the actual width.
  4. The next step is to measure the drill holes that you need to put the steel track. When they are to be attached, you need to use the awl to create a space for the drill to remove the occurrence of slipping while drilling. Here is the part where you need to wear the goggles as metal will get hot.
  5. You will now measure the track, make sure they are aligned with the use of a level. The next is to install the track along with the spacers to the board and use the bolts.
  6. Attaching the hanger roller and be sure to follow your doors’ instructions, you will now install the bolts, washers, and other nuts. You can get tighten them with the use of a socket wrench. The next is to attach the bottom roller guide and you can hang the door and you’re all done.

You can practically save more money if you follow this guide. But be sure to get more persons to help you out to make sure they can help you out on other things. Also, having a good sliding barn door can be obtained along the internet or just canvass well and get a cheaper but sturdy door for your liking.