How Do Steam Showers Work

Turning the Steam on

Turning the steam is not difficult, however, the type of dial or control used is based on the overall design.

For instance, in some cases, the steam can be turned on via digital controls.

Steam Triggered after dial has been turned

The steam from the dial is triggered via an electric valve. Once this valve has been triggered, a gallon of cold water will fill a bread box sized steam generator in order to prepare for the next action. After this action is complete, the process will simulate a plug in tea kettle type function, while it brings the water that has entered into a boil.

Steam Released in steam rooms

After the water has reached boiling temperatures it forms a steam that provides a hot vapor through the piping and is released in steam shower form. The amount of steam created must be enough to fill the room completely if the person is going to have the best relaxing experience.

As previously mentioned, the health benefits of steam rooms / steam showers are numerous. A quality unit will it be able to produce sufficient steam to open your pores, while providing comfort and relaxation. To enhance your experience and compound your relaxation, add aromatherapy fragrances such as Eucalyptus or Lavender that are made specifically for steam shower use. Get that healthy glow inside and out!

Also helps to relieve fatigue.Again couple this with an energetic fragrance like Mint and your batteries will be recharged.

Steam rooms also help to improve blood circulation in your body, and facilitate blood flow to the heart. This also adds yet another health benefit. A quality steam shower / steam room will produce such effects.