Door Colour Meanings

  • White:
    White is a classic colour for doors, and it is safe to name one of the most popular door colour choices. This is probably because the colour represents purity and virtue. White exudes cleanliness and would usually be associated with someone who is tidy and organised.
  • Red:
    Having a red coloured door is obviously a very bold choice, and the hue reflects on someone with a confident personality, who is not afraid to stand out. Red is an invigorating colour, and connotes that someone has a passionate, loving personality.
  • Green:
    If you choose to paint your door green, there are several solid connotations with this colour. Green reflects on the personality of someone who cares about their home and community, and someone who has very traditional values.
  • Purple:
    Purple is becoming an increasingly popular colour for front doors. It signifies someone who is open minded and comfortable with taking risks, as it is a very eye-catching choice. Purple or violet shades also symbolise love, nurturing and compassion.
  • Yellow:
    Yellow is a very happy, serene colour choice, particularly for your front door. It is surely one that would stand out in this vibrant hue, and offers a friendly, optimistic welcome to your home. Yellow is a symbol of clarity, creativity and positivity.
  • Blue:
    Blue often represents sky, water and abundance. It reflects that you, as a person, have an easy going, flowing personality, and that people are very attracted to your personality and like being around you. Blue represents imagination, dreams, and fluidity.
  • Black:
    Black is a timeless, classic colour choice. It connotes that you are someone who would be considered consistent and quite conservative. Black represents something of substance and stability, and having a black door reflects that meaning onto your home.
  • Brown:
    Whether your door has been painted or wood stained brown, it offers a very organic and natural feel to your home. The colour is associated with warmth and stability, and suggests that the owner is one who is reliable and grounded.