DIY Stump Grinding

Take proper safety precautions

Stump grinding can prove to be dangerous and harmful if you avoid taking necessary security measures. As per the expert suggestions,

  • You must wear sturdy boots, full-length trousers, goggles and gloves.
  • It is utmost important that you avoid taking your body too close to the grinding blades.
  • Moreover, it will prove to be safe if you trim down the grass around the stump before you start the grinding.
  • It is also necessary to remove small rocks, twigs and landscaping elements that are near the stumps before you start the work.

Cut down the bigger stumps

Before you start grinding the stump abruptly, you should note that it is not an appropriate way to grind a giant trunk. Utilise the services of the professionals for tree removal to trim down the branches of the tree and remove the trunk from the base. Using a chainsaw is crucial at this point. As experts suggest, you should lower down the stump as much as you can until it comes on a level with the ground. It does not only make the process smoother but also helps in minimising the risk of accidents.

The right technique of stump grinding

It is necessary to follow the instruction manual of your grinder minutely before starting the equipment. Experts instruct to grind the stump with the help of the following steps,

  • Place the wheel of your grinder on the stump and start it.
  • You are required to move the cutter sidewise so that the blade can cut through the stump evenly.
  • Once the first layer is removed, start grinding the next layer following the same technique.
  • You need to repeat the removal of the layers until you the entire stump is ground.

It is not the end of the process as you need to carry out a thorough inspection. You are required to make sure that the stump is entirely cut through, and now it is at least ten centimetres below the ground surface.