Decorate With A Circular Shaped Rug

Make a Space Look Bigger. Professional design crews will often choose a round rug to make a space feel larger. It can go in an office, nook or children’s room with ease. The way the circle incorporates can make a space feel more open, and more special.

Layering: When one layers round rugs it can easily enhance the cozy feel of a space. Typically putting a small round rug over a larger square or rectangle shaped rug will bring interest to a space. The only rule here is to be sure they have a similar look or construction so it’s not too busy of a feel. This is especially important in a bedroom where the atmosphere should be relaxing.

Define any Space: Anyone that has furnishings or décor that seem to just be floating in an area with no definition will benefit from using a round rug. It’s the perfect way to highlight a space like a reading nook or breakfast area. All of the pieces’ present should touch the rug, this makes it feel more welcoming and intimate.

Further, a round rug in a breakfast nook fits naturally even if the space is rectangular or square. It’s always good to soften an area as much as possible! It will easily feel open and fresh, as well as pulled together professionally. It tends to trick the eye and make the room look bigger than it actually is.

It’s hard to understand why more round rugs aren’t seen in magazines and in show homes. It could be because there’s a limited selection both online and in stores. However, for those who are persistent they will love what the rug does for the space in question, and be proud of their purchase. Keep in mind that quality is important as well in order to invest in a rug that will last as long as possible.

Keep in mind that many area rugs, especially large round rugs can get expensive. However, the best way to make an area cozy and interesting is with these rugs. One idea is to get several of the same small, round rugs and stitch them together to make a larger one! How unique! The way that circle shaped rugs offset or play against rectangle and square floors and furnishings enhances the entire look of the room.

Try this new dynamic to home and office décor and see how much more enjoyable it is, or how many compliments are received. The effort is well worth it in the end. After all, no one wants their personal space to be a cookie cutter, they want it to be set apart from the rest in as many ways as possible to reflect their own personal style.