Create Kid-Friendly Landscaping

Updating Your Driveway

Think about all the slips and falls that have occurred on your driveway, and it may not even be just with the kids! The surface can get wet, icy, and just plain slippery. It’s also not exactly a soft surface to land on. This is exactly why bonded resin driveways are making such an impact in residential settings now. It used to be that you would only see resin bound surfacing in a few select areas such as a modern playground or indoor pool area. Now the process is being used all over the place.

Resin bound surfacing gives the look of real pavement, concrete, stone and loose gravel but is in fact a resin surface. It provides a non-slip surface, which is ideal for kids and adults alike. It’s also much softer to the touch so if a fall were to happen, it won’t create the same sort of painful results.

There are other benefits in going the route of bonded resin driveways such as the fact they are low maintenance and don’t need any resurfacing, they have a long life-span (usually 15 years), you won’t need to worry about weeds popping through the surface, they are pet-friendly, easy to clean, they have UV protection, and are environmentally friendly.

No Fuss Grass

Another area of concern for parents can be with the lawn. If your child suffers from outdoor/environmental allergies then the lawn can be a source of discomfort rather than fun. That and the fact you as the homeowner are responsible for all the upkeep, weeding, watering, and trimming.