Cowhide Rugs

Stylish Additions To Any Home

Many people find rugs extremely versatile. Cowskin rugs are rugs that are made from cow skin. This material is stylish and contemporary. Each cowhide rug has very subtle shades of varied colors, allowing the buyer to feel as if they see something different every time they look at the rug. Cowhide rugs are also made from material that has a natural finish, allowing it to fit in well in well other kinds of natural materials from wood to cotton to leather to brass. A cowhide rug can be placed in any room and instantly serve as a focal point in that particular space. This helps add character to rooms that might otherwise lack character and feel faceless.

Adding Warmth

While stone and wood are highly popular, they can feel cold underfoot. Stone and wood may retain cold even as the weather gets warmer. Thick, soft, hypo-allergenic, cowskin rugs make the perfect floor covering to place under any furniture grouping in the room. The cow skin looks elegant and inviting under nearly any kind of furniture style. Cowhide rugs help bring out the real warm in a long slung sectional sofa or an upscale divan. They also add an element of naturalism to a spaces may seem otherwise artificial and forced. The naturally soft fibers provide contrast to spaces that might be filled with modern materials that can lack a sense of history.

The Ideal Floor Covering

Rugs work well when placed on top of wood and stone flooring. A rug helps to offer color and a space where people relax and play. A rug can also help reduce drafts in a room and help protect against noise pollution. A cowhide rug works with wood and stone flooring by providing another natural flooring that meshes well with the other forms of flooring used. Stone and wood have natural grains and textures. A single piece of stone tile or a single strip of wood can easily have all kinds of patterns. The same is true of a cowskin rug. Just like wood and stone, they also have natural variances that also look wonderful underfoot and even better when looked at closely. The rug helps show off the marvelous texture of a piece of dark wood as it also has subtle and elegant patterns. Cowhide rugs also come in patterns that remind people of the outdoors, helping the entire space serve as showcase for the use of natural materials.