Choosing Great Looking Patio Door Blinds

We’re all familiar with the cheap vertical patio blinds that show up in rental units. People disguise them under curtains or try to ignore the decorating problem they present. Often blinds in apartments and other rental units are chosen because they are cheap and can be easily replaced in case of damage.

Don’t let these blinds scare you off from using blinds on your patio door. Many stylish choices exist and with a little shopping, you’ll find something that works well for your home. You can choose a color or material that you like.

One option is to use enclosed patio door blinds. These blinds fit between glass panels and have a control on the outside frame that opens, closes, and adjusts the blinds. Enclosed blinds won’t swing when you open or close the door. You also don’t need to clean these blinds since they are behind glass. The enclosed blinds give you a sleek, contemporary look with the same light control and privacy of regular blinds.

Look for vertical blinds in a quality material that open differently than normal. Having blinds open from the center gives your door a different look than the traditional side opening. This also keeps the stack of blinds at one end of the door from looking out of place.

You can also look for materials that distinguish your patio door blinds from cheap versions. You can find blinds that are made of or resemble wood. Some patio blinds are covered with fabric or have embossed patterns. Cellular blinds are a new favorite that helps keep harmful light out of your home. Depending on your room, the material may make all the difference in how the blinds look.

Keep in mind that vertical blinds with weights at the bottom will not swing or curl like cheaper versions. Quality patio door blinds often include this feature. Your blinds will hang better on your door and look more attractive with the added weight.

You may want to soften the look of patio door blinds by adding fabric window treatments. A great swag, scarf, or panel curtain can enhance the appearance of the blinds and your room. You can choose a patterned fabric or in a solid color.

Remember that your patio door blinds don’t have to be an eyesore. Look for quality materials and think about ways to make your blinds look different than those in rentals. You can find a way to make patio door blinds look great.