Clean Garage Doors

Cleaning Steel Garages

Steel doors are easy to clean and would only require mild cleaning agents or even household cleaners without bleach. Simply dissolve the cleaner or agent with room temperature water and wash the door using sponges or soft bristle brushes. This would remove any dirt or grime without removing the film that coats the door. Remember to rinse the soap from the door to prevent any residues that might damage the door’s film and ruin its durability. Let the door dry completely before applying wax to coat and protect the door. There are some waxes that one might buy from stores or once could use car wax to coat the steel door.

Cleaning Wood Garages

Cleaning wood doors can be tricky as the water might penetrate the wood especially woods that have cracks on its surface. Before cleaning the door, ensure that it is in good condition. Regular cleaning and maintenance would prevent the door from being damaged and would help it last longer. To remove dirt or grime from the door, use a diluted solution of cleanser and water – one cup of concentrated household cleaner without bleach to five gallons of water. Scrub the surface and rinse thoroughly with clear water. Let it dry completely before applying finish coating to protect the wood. For damaged areas, use oil or primer to coat the wood substrate.

Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Modern Garage Doors for Modern Architecture

Made from aluminum, glass, and even wood, contemporary garage doors give a clean, uncluttered, and simple look. Designed with sharp, 90-degree angles and straight lines, this door style is sleek and sophisticated. The most popular styles feature an aluminum frame with frosted glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate insets. Aluminum frames are typically anodized in natural, bronze, or black; however, almost any color frame is available. Hardware is typically minimal to maintain the style’s sleek lines. Besides these basic framed styles, modern roll-up doors are also popular in real wood. Although wood doors are more expensive than other options, some homes call for this style. Contemporary hardwood doors may have metal insets of copper, stainless steel, or painted aluminum, with wood species including cedar, cypress, teak and mahogany.

Bringing Contemporary Garage Doors Inside

Although businesses have used indoor roll-up doors for decades, this feature has only recently become popular in residential design. Where French or Arcadia doors were once the only way to merge indoors and outside, glass roll-up doors are now an architectural feature of choice. Create indoor-outdoor living space, frame in a courtyard, or use this technique to open up a loggia to the great outdoors. Inside the house, use a glass rolling door to separate living/dining and other areas without sacrificing light or visually shrinking the space the way a wall would. Because most homeowners don’t want the unsightly motors of automatic door openers hanging inside the home, garage doors used inside must be carefully counterbalanced and properly maintained to ensure easy operation.

Cool Accessories for Contemporary Doors

Contemporary garage doors are already pretty cool, but some fun new accessories up the awesome factor even more. Door hardware includes clavos (nail heads), hinge kits, pulls, and shutter dogs in stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum. Although some of these touches may be too fussy for ultra-modern architecture, designers use them today in non-standard ways that add a high degree of visual interest. There are also several fun new mechanical accessories that fit the modern ethos of this door style. New remote control devices allow you to use wifi and your Smartphone to open and close garage doors from anywhere in the world and to alert you when the door is used. Improved access controllers use fingerprint and even retinal scan technology to protect the home from unwanted entry. Battery backup units, surge protectors and the ability to program openers to turn on house lights, temperature controls and music when you get home are quickly gaining in popularity.

Install a Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt is not like a spring bolt which can be easily opened, a dead bolt does not open unless the lock cylinder is rotated.
A slight variant of the standard deadbolt is the vertical deadbolt. The vertical deadbolt generally rests on top of a door. Vertical deadbolts avoid insertion of pry bars between the door and the frame and hence are safer.
The common types of a deadbolt lock are:

  1. Single Cylinder
  2. Double Cylinder
  3. Single Cylinder with removable thumb turn

Many designs are available from manufacturers. Different manufactures have various designs which offer solution to defend the lock from being picked or opened with force or any other method. However, most manufacturers offer product lines of deadbolts that promise higher levels of resistance to break and entry and defeating than other product lines by the same manufacturer

For a deadbolt installation, a locksmith will charge about $125. You yourself can buy and install one for only about $35. Given that the exterior door is made of wood, then deadbolt can be installed quite easily. In case you have a steel or fiberglass door, hire a locksmith to do the job. This is because machines such as takes heavy-duty drills and bits are used to cut into these tougher materials.

Residential Handicap Door Operators

Making investments like these is worthwhile. As you near the steps of your house, you won’t have to turn around your wheelchair and wangle with the doorknob for entering your house.

You simply push a button and the door opens to let you in! You get a royal treatment at your own house. Perhaps, you do not use a wheelchair. You may be using a walker or a cane. There can be many reasons making it rather inconvenient to open the door yourself. This device can make your life simpler and make you feel more comfortable.

Many people install such a device for reasons other than mere comfort. Many consider it risky to open doors while entering any premises. They could fall over while attempting to move a heavy door.

Residential handicap door operators prove a boon to such people, allowing them to have a better control on their life. They reduce the time needed for entering into or going out of the house, and even from one room to another within the house.

Another important benefit of such doors is the fact that they close by themselves after you have entered or left the house. A traditional door may be left open at times, wasting heat contained in the room, thus adding to your energy bills. So, the installation of this device ensures that there is no loss of heat during winter and cool air in the summers.

You’ll surely find it of great help in your daily life. Apart from the convenience it offers, you should also appreciate that it keeps your house secured all the time. It makes your life safe and simple, as you no longer need to spend time and effort in the opening and closing of doors.

This innovation can indeed help people. By investing in this device, they can conveniently move from one room to another without any fear of leaving any door open at any time.

Choosing Great Looking Patio Door Blinds

We’re all familiar with the cheap vertical patio blinds that show up in rental units. People disguise them under curtains or try to ignore the decorating problem they present. Often blinds in apartments and other rental units are chosen because they are cheap and can be easily replaced in case of damage.

Don’t let these blinds scare you off from using blinds on your patio door. Many stylish choices exist and with a little shopping, you’ll find something that works well for your home. You can choose a color or material that you like.

One option is to use enclosed patio door blinds. These blinds fit between glass panels and have a control on the outside frame that opens, closes, and adjusts the blinds. Enclosed blinds won’t swing when you open or close the door. You also don’t need to clean these blinds since they are behind glass. The enclosed blinds give you a sleek, contemporary look with the same light control and privacy of regular blinds.

Look for vertical blinds in a quality material that open differently than normal. Having blinds open from the center gives your door a different look than the traditional side opening. This also keeps the stack of blinds at one end of the door from looking out of place.

You can also look for materials that distinguish your patio door blinds from cheap versions. You can find blinds that are made of or resemble wood. Some patio blinds are covered with fabric or have embossed patterns. Cellular blinds are a new favorite that helps keep harmful light out of your home. Depending on your room, the material may make all the difference in how the blinds look.

Keep in mind that vertical blinds with weights at the bottom will not swing or curl like cheaper versions. Quality patio door blinds often include this feature. Your blinds will hang better on your door and look more attractive with the added weight.

You may want to soften the look of patio door blinds by adding fabric window treatments. A great swag, scarf, or panel curtain can enhance the appearance of the blinds and your room. You can choose a patterned fabric or in a solid color.

Remember that your patio door blinds don’t have to be an eyesore. Look for quality materials and think about ways to make your blinds look different than those in rentals. You can find a way to make patio door blinds look great.

Aluminium Folding Doors

Aluminium folding doors are an ideal choice to grab the aesthetic alluring beauty of the nature without any obstacle. These doors are the top choice for the people who want to attain the beauty of the environment. These windows provide easy installation at both the domestic and commercial site.These windows have the special advantages when used for the commercial or residential purposes.

Benefits of folding Doors in homes

  • These doors are very elegant because they are made up of aluminium and add a unique elegance when installed in the homes. These doors when installed in a house add a special touch of elegance and style to the property.The frames made up of aluminium are very strong and durable. The aluminium frames do not require any regular maintenance and this property is suitable for the people who generally not stay at home and have tight schedules.
  • The folding door permits extra light to enter into the room that is very beneficial for those who want to save high costs on electricity bills. These are very suitable to compliment any type of structure.
  • The cleaning is very easy with these types of doors. A damp cloth is essential for the cleaning with a little bit of oil or any detergent. By this way you can keep your door clean just like new.

Benefits of folding doors in commercial places

  • It is suitable for warehouses, shopping malls, large showrooms and factories because there is a continuous arrival of high traffic in these areas.
  • Aluminium folding doors are scratch resistant, and this is the reason they are appropriate for the commercial areas that are constructed for the high traffic like shopping centres, warehouses, etc.
  • These windows are smooth, sleek and stylish and these properties make them more suitable for the installation at the commercial places. Due to the dent resistant property, these doors look very smart and attractive. They are ideal for the restaurants and big shops in the market to grab the attention of the visitors and convert these visitors into potential customers.

Install a Prehung Door

The first thing you need to do is check the opening you’ll be hanging the door in for the correct size. It should be 2″ bigger than the door size. Even though it’s a rough opening it should be reasonably plumb and square.

If the opening was framed by someone else, you may want to break out your level and framing square and check this also. Drywallers sometimes believe the rough opening was meant for them and will let the drywall run into the opening. If this is the case use a drywall saw or sawzall to cut it back.

Once all the vitals have been checked your ready to hang a door. Prehung doors come assembled a couple different ways. They can be bought with trim already mitered and nailed on to one side and without trim. If there is no trim installed, I like to put it on before I put the door in the opening. The trim is installed on the hinge side.

Most doors open into a room and against a wall. When putting the door into the opening, try to put the door in the center of the opening. The door jamb should be able to move to the left and right in the opening. The gap between the door and jamb on the hinge side is usually about an 1/8″ of an inch. This dictates the gap or space you should have all around the door. Move the door jamb to the left or right until you have that same space at the top. You then nail the trim on the top hinge side and the bottom hinge side. Then nail the strike side on the top making sure you still have an equal space. Nail off the rest of the hinge side with 3 or 4 more nails. The 2 nails already in the top are all I usually put in. Now nail the rest of the strike side starting at the top and working your way down, maintaining the same space as the top and hinge side.

Once the door is nailed into the opening on the inside, it’s time to shim the door jamb. First, pull the door closed to make sure it hits the door stop evenly on the strike side. If it is hitting only at the top pull the hinge side toward you till it hits even. If it hits only at the bottom, push the hinge side jamb away from you till it hits evenly.

Once you get the jamb aligned put shims between the jamb and stud opening, being careful not to bow the jamb into the opening. If need be use a straight edge to keep it straight. I put shims behind every hinge and the strike and also at the top and bottom of the strike side. I nail these shims in with two nails, one on each side of the stop.

The next step is to apply the door casing to the outside of the door. Once this is done, your ready for the door hardware. If everything went right, the bolt should engage the strike plate and the door should fit snuggly against the stops.

Door Colour Meanings

  • White:
    White is a classic colour for doors, and it is safe to name one of the most popular door colour choices. This is probably because the colour represents purity and virtue. White exudes cleanliness and would usually be associated with someone who is tidy and organised.
  • Red:
    Having a red coloured door is obviously a very bold choice, and the hue reflects on someone with a confident personality, who is not afraid to stand out. Red is an invigorating colour, and connotes that someone has a passionate, loving personality.
  • Green:
    If you choose to paint your door green, there are several solid connotations with this colour. Green reflects on the personality of someone who cares about their home and community, and someone who has very traditional values.
  • Purple:
    Purple is becoming an increasingly popular colour for front doors. It signifies someone who is open minded and comfortable with taking risks, as it is a very eye-catching choice. Purple or violet shades also symbolise love, nurturing and compassion.
  • Yellow:
    Yellow is a very happy, serene colour choice, particularly for your front door. It is surely one that would stand out in this vibrant hue, and offers a friendly, optimistic welcome to your home. Yellow is a symbol of clarity, creativity and positivity.
  • Blue:
    Blue often represents sky, water and abundance. It reflects that you, as a person, have an easy going, flowing personality, and that people are very attracted to your personality and like being around you. Blue represents imagination, dreams, and fluidity.
  • Black:
    Black is a timeless, classic colour choice. It connotes that you are someone who would be considered consistent and quite conservative. Black represents something of substance and stability, and having a black door reflects that meaning onto your home.
  • Brown:
    Whether your door has been painted or wood stained brown, it offers a very organic and natural feel to your home. The colour is associated with warmth and stability, and suggests that the owner is one who is reliable and grounded.

Types Of Garage Door Openers

The most common type is the chain-drive. This inexpensive type of garage door openers works by using a chain, similar to a bicycle chain, looped around the rail. It is the oldest, but still the most popular type. It may not work quietly, but it still provides good value. The chain may grow loose over time, though. There are units that hide the chain, thus making the chain-drive garage door opener a little quieter.

Belt-drive garage door openers are using a metal-reinforced rubber belt, similar to a car’s fan belt, instead of a chain, in order to raise and lower the garage doors. This type is more expensive than the chain-drive type, but it works almost silently because there is no metal-on-metal contact. Since the rubber belt is sturdily constructed, belt-drive openers can lift even the heaviest garage doors, offer years of service, and often come with a lifetime belt warranty.

Screw-drive garage door openers are probably the easiest to install if you plan to go the do-it-yourself route, and they require very little maintenance afterwards. This type uses a long metal rod threaded like a screw to function. To keep the noise levels low, remember to keep them properly lubricated.

Direct drives have been in use in Europe for the last thirty years, but they are only recently getting popular in the US. These are using a motor that drives itself along the stationary chain. Easy to maintain, they seem to be very reliable, as the warranty covers not only the motor, but the circuit board, chain and rail as well. They are as quiet as the belt-drive openers.

Beside the lifting power and the level of noise that they produce, their speed may be one of the most important features. Having them come with lights is also important in many cases.

Forage for Storage With Custom Doors

Frame Job

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had success by surrounding yourself with a supportive team. So why not do the same with your custom doors? Homeowners can make the most of wasted space by placing shelves or bookcases on either side of a doorway. They’re perfect for displaying books, decorations or collectibles, and can take the form of freestanding units or built-ins.

Just make sure that if you go the latter route, you avoid passageways where you might want to be moving large items one day like couches or dressers. That’s because the one potential drawback of built in shelving is that it’s, well, built in. Who says you can’t learn something new every day?

Rack Them Up

A beautiful set of table linens is like tornado insurance. You may go for years without using it, but if it’s not there when you suddenly need it, things can get ugly. This is another storage dilemma that you can solve with custom doors. In a great city for entertaining, where dinner parties can spring up on a moment’s notice.

By placing a towel rack over a door and draping table linens like napkins and tablecloths on the bars, they will stay looking fresh and nicely pressed until they’re called into service. With so many details to “iron out” for your next gathering, at least you can rest assured that the table setting will go off without a wrinkle.

Clean Them Out

Ironically, the messiest area of many homes is that cabinet or closet where they keep the cleaning supplies. Maybe that’s why these products aren’t utilized more often, or at least that’s what many a bachelor would have you believe. But you can dispense with the clutter and the excuses at the same time through the clever use of custom doors. Home accessory stores carry a variety of bins and caddies that can be installed on the backs of closet doors to hold sprays, dust pans and other accessories in an orderly fashion that’s easy to reach. Unfortunately for some, it also makes them harder to ignore, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.