Wintering Water Lilies

Procedure to Winterize

Ideally the process of storing starts much before winter arrives, irrespective of you growing tropical water lilies. During late summer, stop pollinating this plant, this will send an indication to your plants that it’s time to be ready for winters. You will be able to sequentially witness the following:

First, the water lilies will start growing tubers. This ensures that they get food during winters. Secondly, slowly and steadily they will reach a dormant state, that slows down their system and helps them in protecting during winters.
Eventually, you will witness them growing small leaves during this time and their large leaves will turn pale and die. Now just when you have noticed this happen, you will be absolutely ready to take steps for wintering them.

Now let’s go to the second step-How to Store Water Lilies Over Winter

In case of hard water lilies, the guide to store them safely is to shift them to the most bottommost part of your pond. This in turn will protect them from recurring freezing and unfreezing and will further reduce the chance of water lily’s survival in the cold.

Wintering Tropical Water Lilies

In case of tropical plants, take out these beautiful plants from your pond, post the first frost. It’s imperative to check the roots first to ensure that the plant has developed tubers. In case of no tubers, it will be difficult for them to survive during the winter months.

Once you have pulled out this plant from the pond, place them inside the water. You can take different variety and shapes of water containers available in the market which is used to store these water lilies. One can even use an aquarium with an incandescent light, a container preferably a plastic one or a tub or plastic jug placed on a window shelf. The container could be of any sturdy material in which the plants get fully soaked in water and is exposed to eight to twelve hours of light, will surely work best for these water lilies. The best way is to grow them bare rooted inside the water and not grow in pots.

Fireplace Doors

There are fireplace doors that are single doors that cover the entire fireplace opening, and there are two piece fireplace doors that open on hinges with the connecting seam running down the middle of the fireplace opening.

These two types of fireplace doors make up the vast majority of fireplace doors, yet there are some more contemporary and unique styles that don’t quite fir into either of these categories. Additionally, not all fireplace doors are sold as complete units. With some types of fireplace doors, you will have to purchase the framing portions separately from the individual fireplace door pieces.

Be sure that you know which type of fireplace doors that you are purchasing, as to whether or not they will require additional framework to complete the opening and door installation. Some fireplace doors do come with everything that is required to complete your fireplace.

Of course buying the individual fireplace doors separate from the finishing framing pieces has its advantages. With this type of fireplace doors, you have more room to customize the design specifically to your liking.

There are fireplace door frames in nearly every type of material and finish imaginable, from gold, silver and pewter, to iron and many other types of materials. Whether your décor is dark, light or somewhere in between, there are fireplace door frames for every style or taste you may desire.

Though many people consider fireplace curtains to fit more in the fireplace screen category, I believe they fit more accurately within the fireplace doors category, as they can be placed in either a closed, open or partly open position.

A more expensive, yet truly unique look is to incorporate bi-fold glass fireplace doors. These lovely fireplace doors contain four panels of polished and tempered glass panels. Each half of these fireplace doors bends in the middle and slides along ball bearings located at the top and bottom of the doors. These typically also feature draft control at the bottom section of the doors.

Tiles Change the Decor of Interiors

Indoors And Outdoors

All the rooms, kitchen, bathroom, driveways, and backyard can be decorated with tiles. Correct colors and designs of tiles have to be selected. The tiles change the look of the house no doubt. The property value increases when these tile decorations are used in the house. Using tiles on the flooring and walls of the bathrooms will make it waterproof and gives a flawless look. Easy maintenance is the main goal in using tiles for decorating the house.

Walls Get Decorated With

Some special tiles used in the living room changes the look of the house. As soon as the guest enters, his look will go on to the wall which looks stunning. Many of the manmade tiles do not contain more chemicals and are safe for the interiors.

  • Ceramic mosaics have a low maintenance and can be used in the kitchen also. These tiles can tolerate scratches, back splash or shower stalls.
  • Porcelain is also ceramic tile. The temperature in which it is manufactured is the main difference. This makes it less porous, resistant to moisture and stain resistant. The finishing is glazed.
  • Mosaic tile is made out of clay and porcelain. They are available in many shapes. Most affordable and get a perfect look to the flooring.
  • Natural stones are the product of nature. These stones are formed in nature and man slices these stones to tiles. Travertine, marble, granite, and slate are the most popular natural stones used for tiling.

How to Layout Bedrooms

A luxurious bed

For any great bedroom, the bed is always the center of attraction. So you must choose a bed design that suits your purpose and style. In any case, you must find the perfect bedding for your bed and choose the most comfortable mattress you can afford for a premium feel.

Necessary Bedroom Items

As a rule of thumb, whatever makes you comfortable and lets you feel the joyous moments of life, something of it should be part of your bedroom. So what is it? Glad, you asked. Usually, it’s a TV or otherwise CD player. Though It could be anything, it maybe your guitar if you’re fond of it. It might be cards, books, chess-board, coffee maker, mini-fridge or whatever that makes you feel at your own home. It’s time to add your own personal touch.


A number of times great bedrooms become ordinary just because of lack of sun-light. In case you’re suffering from lack of sun-light due to the room structure, then you can use mirrors opposite to windows to make your room shine and reflect more light.

Artificial Lights

Most people often underestimate the importance of an artificial light thinking that they have ample of sunlight in their bedrooms. On the contrary, artificial lights such as candle stand or a beautiful lamp light can open numerous ways of glowing your room. Ideally, you should go for a classic and simple light that adds to the soft and ambient effect of the room. It goes without saying that the artificial lights are mostly adjusted near the bed, around the side tables.

Types of Access Panels

General Purpose

The general purpose panels are practical for indoor or outdoor use and often installed in ceilings or walls. Plus, for the more attractive finish they can include the recess to frames with flush latches and concealed hinges to avoid interrupting the existing surface finish. This type of panel is perfect to install where it isn’t necessary to conceal high security items or comply with specific fire codes. The type of doors in this category includes those that have code locking, temperature control and draft resistant designs.


Most of the commercial and residential buildings have walls with drywall that fills an area of steel or wood framing. In the event of needing to complete plumbing or electrical repairs, it is usually necessary to cut into this area of drywall to reach the parts that need repairing. But with a proper drywall access point it is much easier to complete the repairs without causing unnecessary damage. Most of these openings are designed to fit flush to the wall surface and can be painted to match the existing decor to completely blend with the surrounding environment. For greater security, it is possible to install a concealed safety system that can prevent children or strangers from opening these areas.

Plaster Bead

If the ceilings or walls are made of plaster, the preferred option is the plaster bead access panels that are less likely to cause any interference with the plaster surface or structural integrity. Plaster is significantly less resilient than the more hard-wearing drywall, so it is necessary to use a different method of insulation. This is achieved by using a very strong frame that can accept the door and also prevent issues with chipping. The preferred style includes those that have a recessed frame to make sure it is able to stay flush with either the ceiling or wall surface.

Keep Potted Plants Safe in Winter

There are many challenges for your potted plants during winter: drying out, wind, sudden temperature drops and root damage, to name a few. Even hardy plants, which are acclimated to your zone, can sustain damage during the cold season. The top part of a plant may be dormant, but the roots don’t enter such a state. Any plant in a container will have its roots exposed to ambient temperatures. Here is how you can protect root systems in the winter:

Avoid exposing plants to temperature fluctuations – fluctuating temperatures are the main issue of winter. Going from hot and cold can stress roots and cause other side effects. For instance, it is common for such fluctuations to heave the plant out of the pot. That is easy to avoid when you place the pots on the ground and not on pavement. The main source of heath comes from the earth. A problem with pots on pavement is that it can get warmed up significantly during the day, elevating the temperatures. Then, when night comes, the temperatures drop, leading to unfavorable fluctuations.

Choose big pots – most expert gardeners agree that the larger the pot, the better for the plant. The reason is rather simple: with an increased volume of soil, the plant roots will be far better insulated. A small container doesn’t do a decent job at keeping roots safe from cold temperatures. A smaller container will also freeze faster and dry out roots quicker than a large one. For this reason, opt for a pot that is at least an inch thick.

Plant early – planting your flowers in containers and pots as soon as possible gives them enough time to harden off. That way, when winter comes around, plants will be healthy and mature, ready to tolerate the stresses of the season. Avoid planting in late autumn, as that is not sufficient time for plants to harden off. A cool trick you can borrow from gardeners is to pick plants that are used to hardiness two zones cooler from the one you are located in.

Find a proper location of the pot – the place of the pots also matters a lot. Ideally, you want to place pots on the north side of your property, with more shade. Any spot that experiences a great deal of sun is susceptible to big temperature swings and so should be avoided. Then there is also the interest factor: you want to put plants that have attractive features somewhere they will be easily seen. As such, place them near a window or your front door for easy exposure.

Flooring Look With Ease

  • Colours and Styles
    With so many great choices out there, you can pick Persian rugs that are a great blend for your colours and designs already in place. Take your time to look around and find exactly what you are looking for. You can also find the perfect size for any location. Most of them feature a variety of colours that blend with each other and make great designs. The design you will find on Persian rugs often depends on the region the design is from. Some of them are representative of villages or tribes, others are from cities Syria or Iraq. Others which can be popular represent either Afghanistan or Pakistan. The natural dyes used in them aren’t going to fade or show signs of age.
  • Customised
    It is possible to get them created just the way you want them. It does cost more for them to be customised but it is worth the investment. You can select the colours used and the designs to be created. You can also select the dimensions so they will be a perfect fit for any area where you plan to place them. It can take time to get these customised rugs completed though. It depends on what you order and where you order it. Be patient for the work to be done though because you will be thrilled with the outcome. It is going to be a wonderful way to add some culture to any area you decide to place them.
  • Cost
    When it comes to Persian rugs the cost can significantly vary. Make sure you pay for great quality and not a cheap imitation. These products should be made to last and hold together for a very long time. Yet you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something that has all of the quality in place. Take the time to look around and compare so you don’t over pay. Compare the prices and look into the workmanship that is part of the product you are looking at. Not all of them are made with the same attention to detail and the same quality weaving methods. The more you know about the process, the easier it is to ensure you get a fantastic product.
  • Care
    Persian rugs need the right care in order to keep them looking amazing. You should never place them into a washing machine or a dryer. Instead, you should have them professionally cleaned at regular intervals. Every six months works well unless you have them in high traffic areas. Then you should have them cleaned every three months.

Kick Proof Door

Due to numerous work and personal obligations, it is often hard to find quality time to spend with our families. If someone has free time on the weekends, he may try to take his family on outings, like a trip to the park. A great stress reliever is a Friday or Saturday night party. However, if you leave late at night, you leave your home vulnerable to thieves.

Acts of burglary can leave everyone shocked around the world. Every person purchasing hi-tech home security gadgets is a little uneconomical because home security costs a lot. Even advanced surveillance systems can set you back at least a few thousand dollars. The world has no shortage of advanced security device in modern times.

With the number of burglaries ever increasing it would be wise to research some of the many types of equipment useful for burglary prevention. High tech gadgets straight from a spy movie are plentiful. To name just a few try night vision cameras, wireless alarms and motion detecting systems.

Having a “kick proof door” installed in your home is one of the simplest way to protect against burglary. They protect against all types of “door kick-in” which makes them the ultimate lock. Why don’t we explore the inner workings that a “kick proof door” utilizes?

A “kick proof door” is designed to withstand very high impact which is produced as a result of a burglar trying to barge in by kicking the door with all his strength. No matter how much does a person try to break in by kicking a door (which is literally kick proof), he would not be able to succeed. Moreover, doors which are kick-proof also protect you from strong winds as well as powerful hurricanes.

Southwest Style Decorating

When you are looking to use this style, you first want to think about what colors you want to be most prominent. Reds, oranges, yellows, and greens are traditional Southwestern colors. You may want to paint the room a deep turquoise and use throw rugs, maybe even some from a nearby Native American reservation, for the floor. Colorful rugs can also be used as wall hangings. Many reservations still make these types of rugs by hand, so you can purchase authentic rugs at a reservation or online. The rugs are generally striped, and you want to use one that has all the major colors in your room on it.

After you choose a wall color and some throw rugs or blankets with your colors, then you can begin looking for furniture to either match those colors, or fit the overall decor theme you’re creating. You may find that this is your biggest challenge. My suggestion would be to find a slipcover that would match your colors so that you do not have to purchase a new couch, and if you ever want to redecorate you will just need a new slipcover. Tan colors work well if you use brightly colored pillows or you could choose a red or yellow slipcover for your sofa and chairs. Dark woods look good in a Southwest style room; you will probably want to distress the wood so that it looks older, adding a more authentic touch to your room. Rustic, cabin-style furniture and accessories tend to go well with the Southwest Style decorating theme too.

Finally, you will want to choose matching accessories. For each of the major colors in the area rug, you’ll want to have two to three items of a similar color around the room; otherwise, the color may look random and not mesh with the rest of the room. Additionally, you will want to have wooden pieces and tan pieces to break up the bright colors of the Southwest style. Ivory and turquoise pieces will also make beautiful additions to the room.

Southwest style has a bright, cozy feel. The colors are warm, earth tones so guests tend to feel welcome and you feel comfortable. Rooms in this style tend to be good for playing games or talking; the colors stimulate action and conversation, so be sure to use this in a room where you truly want that atmosphere. Find authentic Native American pieces when you can, and use desert photographs to decorate the walls. Your creativity will help you envision hundreds of ways to decorate your room in the Southwest style, and each will be interesting, invigorating, and beautiful.

Cowhide Rugs

Stylish Additions To Any Home

Many people find rugs extremely versatile. Cowskin rugs are rugs that are made from cow skin. This material is stylish and contemporary. Each cowhide rug has very subtle shades of varied colors, allowing the buyer to feel as if they see something different every time they look at the rug. Cowhide rugs are also made from material that has a natural finish, allowing it to fit in well in well other kinds of natural materials from wood to cotton to leather to brass. A cowhide rug can be placed in any room and instantly serve as a focal point in that particular space. This helps add character to rooms that might otherwise lack character and feel faceless.

Adding Warmth

While stone and wood are highly popular, they can feel cold underfoot. Stone and wood may retain cold even as the weather gets warmer. Thick, soft, hypo-allergenic, cowskin rugs make the perfect floor covering to place under any furniture grouping in the room. The cow skin looks elegant and inviting under nearly any kind of furniture style. Cowhide rugs help bring out the real warm in a long slung sectional sofa or an upscale divan. They also add an element of naturalism to a spaces may seem otherwise artificial and forced. The naturally soft fibers provide contrast to spaces that might be filled with modern materials that can lack a sense of history.

The Ideal Floor Covering

Rugs work well when placed on top of wood and stone flooring. A rug helps to offer color and a space where people relax and play. A rug can also help reduce drafts in a room and help protect against noise pollution. A cowhide rug works with wood and stone flooring by providing another natural flooring that meshes well with the other forms of flooring used. Stone and wood have natural grains and textures. A single piece of stone tile or a single strip of wood can easily have all kinds of patterns. The same is true of a cowskin rug. Just like wood and stone, they also have natural variances that also look wonderful underfoot and even better when looked at closely. The rug helps show off the marvelous texture of a piece of dark wood as it also has subtle and elegant patterns. Cowhide rugs also come in patterns that remind people of the outdoors, helping the entire space serve as showcase for the use of natural materials.